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Advertise with TokyoBackpacker.com
TokyoBackpacker.com is committed to becoming the best accommodation site servicing budget conscious travelers in Japan. Our goal is to help promote Japan as one of the most wonderful travel destinations in the world.
TokyoBackpacker.com advertises on search engines like Google & Yahoo, other sites, magazines …….  With this in mind we believe that advertising with TokyoBackpacker.com is a great way to market to a large number of travel enthusiasts who are in Japan or have an interest in coming to Japan.
TokyoBackpacker.com’s target market will be anyone and everyone with an interest in Japan. When one of TokyoBackpacker.com’s clients ‘clicks’ on your advertising banner, they will immediately be directed to your Website.
TokyoBackpacker.com will only accept ads that we believe will enhance our customers travel experience. We will only carry a limited number of advertisers in our banner inventory so that your advertisement gets maximum exposure.
TokyoBackpacker.com supports two standard sizes of banners: The wide horizontal banner and the side button banner. These banners should obviously look good and blend into the page to achieve maximum effect on potential customers.
Wide horizontal banner (468x60)
The wide horizontal banner is visible at the top of every page to give you maximum exposure. There is one horizontal banner and rc quadcopter your ad will rotate randomly with a maximum of 5 other advertisers in the horizontal banner inventory.
Button banner (200x 100)
The button banner is located under the events calendar on the left side of the page. There are 4 banner slots and your ad will rotate randomly through each slot with a maximum of 11 other advertisers in the button banner inventory.
The dimensions of banners are measured in the number of pixels in their width and height, so for instance, a banner that is 468x60 is 468 pixels wide and 60 pixels high.
Banner Rates (price per month)
Wide banner
Button banner
Due to high demand, advertisers will be featured per space on a rotating basis unless stated otherwise—please call for details. Advertisers are buying each space on a first right of renewal or refusal basis. This means that no other advertiser will be allowed to use your piece of virtual real-estate unless you choose to relinquish your position at the end of the contract term. Discounts are available for prepaid contracts. Advertising space is available only in 3, 6, or 12 month terms.
Banner Creation
The above price is for client-submitted ads. Ads should be submitted in both leaderboard and button sizes. If you wish TokyoBackpacker.com’s in-house design team will create banners for you for Y7000 per banner.
Banner Formats
For now we only support simple static banners like GIF, JPEG, etc. We will be able to support GIF Flash animation banners in the future.  Banners formats also have a weight dimension that is determined by the number of kilobytes (K) of data they contain. This is often referred to as the file size. Increasing the number of colors, graphics, animation and words in a banner increases its file size, or weight. The heavier the banner, the longer it takes to appear on screen, which is why online publishers put a limit on how heavy a banner can be. TokyoBackpacker.com has a limit of…
General image specifications

URL: Please supply the URL to which your ad is to be linked.
Alt text: Clients have the option of supplying up to 50 characters of alt text. (This is text which appears when the user's mouse is over the ad.)
Transparency: Graphics may be used on many different colored backgrounds, so don't create transparent backgrounds.
Web-safe colors: All large flat areas of color must be from the non-dithering palette of 216 colors. Be especially careful when using JPGs.
File format: Final images should be supplied in GIF 89A format.
File extensions: Final graphics must be supplied with their correct labeling with the appropriate suffix to denote the format, eg. a GIF banner called my_image must be labeled my_image.gif.
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When you are ready to advertise with TokyoBackpacker.com please email us at:
Of course you can also call us at:
Tel: (03) 6751-0490
Fax: 03-6751-0625
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